• In this project, control system is designed to
    stabilize the camera gimbals system
  • This camera gimbals system replaces many
    traditional tracking systems such as radar which
    are heavy and large to mount on air vehicles.
    stabilization of camera gimbaled is very
    important to eliminate shakes and vibrations in
    photography .
  • PID controller is designed to control camera
    gimbaled due to its effectiveness, simplicity and
  • The tuning parameters of PID controller are
    tuned using traditional and evolutionary
  • The camera control system is supported using a
    mechanical system known as gimbals system.
  • Camera used in aerial vehicles is mounted as
    payload for this gimbal device
  • The gimbal used to control is 3-axis gimbal
    which consists of servomotor, IMU sensor


  • The use of camera is everywhere in the globe.
  • Around 80% use of the camera is for motion imaging
  • Taking picture in motion was a great challenge in past
  • The solution can revolutionize aircraft imaging, drone
    imaging, car dashboard imaging and other important vivid


The main goal of the project is to get motion picture effectively.

This include sub objective which are as follows


  1.Designing gimble having tilt, roll and pan axis.
2.This will control the left right and up down movement.
3.The tilt must control the up and down movement.
4.The pan will control the left and right movement.
5.The roll will control the back and forth movement.
6.Implementing PID control system to control movement

Group Members

  • Hamza Hassan Khan


  • Jehad Khan


  • Noman Iqbal


  • Ahmad Amin



Engr. Rizwan Ullah

Hardware/Software Design

The Software design has two major parts major parts:
1.Arduino sketch which sense the position of MPU sensor and through PID and perform adverse action on servo motor.
2.Simulation through Processing software which every movement of the platform.

Implementation of Software

  • The project is implemented through Arduino and MPU with the help of Brushless motor motions control.
  • The x- axis plate and y- axis plate is connected to Arduino through Brushless motor.
  • MPU is connected on front of the camera to record every move and pass it to MPU.
  • The MPU will gave motion command to Brushless motor to cancel those motions.
  • The PID control system is added for efficient and un shaky movement.
  • PID is reducing and corrected the error in motions.


Commercial application
3.Live Recording
4.Motion images
Target Beneficiaries
1.Film Industry
2.Production companies
3.Entertainment companies
4.Sports and Gaming

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