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Hydraulics / Fluid Mechanic Lab

Fluids are a key element of study for many engineering disciplines. The experiments in the fluid mechanics laboratory are designed to help the students to understand the physical phenomenon’s of fluid mechanics, irrigation systems, flow in the open channels, the hydropower system and transports (airplane, ships). The fluid mechanics lab is equipped with very important apparatus which includes different types of turbines, pumps, impact of jet, Bernoulli’s, Reynold number, tilting flume, orifice meter and different types of notches.

Soil Mechanics Lab

The experiments included in soil mechanics labs run parallel to the theory course and give the students practical idea about the behavior of soil in different loading and moisture conditions along with the material properties. These tests include soil gradation/sieve analysis, moisture determination, Atterberg’s limits, permeability, consolidation and compaction etc. The soil lab has all the equipment’s required to perform the basic soil testing.
Apart from these basic equipment’s, the soil mechanics lab is also equipped with some very sophisticated soil testing equipment in order to broaden the horizon of our testing including “Tri-axial compression testing system”.

Highways Lab

The Highway Engineering Lab is equipped to conduct standard tests for asphalt pavement design and paving materials for UG/PG teaching. It is also equipped to conduct all standardized tests to assess quality of highway materials and experiments that are conducted in pre-construction, during-construction and post-construction phases of highways. This laboratory contains different equipment used to categorize soil and bitumen binders in terms of their properties and quality control and provides an additional exposure to the testing of highway construction materials for the Civil Engineering students. Major equipment includes Marshall Stability tester, Electric Asphalt Viscometer, Los Angeles abrasion testing machine, Centrifuge for bitumen extraction test, bitumen ductility machine, Bitumen Penetrometer, Flash and Fire point apparatus, etc.

Survey Lab

The survey lab established in civil engineering department has all the equipment needed to perform the surveying or leveling of any kind, thus enabling the students to use and familiarize themselves with all the modern day surveying and leveling instruments and techniques. The survey is performed in the open to give students a practical understanding about carrying out a survey in the field. The equipment’s include engineering chains, metallic tapes, leveling staffs, arrows, staff rods, Prismatic and surveyor’s compass, EDMs, GPS, Plane tables, Levels, Theodolites and other accessories needed to perform these tests.

Concrete Testing Lab

Concrete play key role in revolutionizing the entire construction works. The experiments in the concrete lab are design to provide students an upper hand related to handling and supervision of concrete related activities. The laboratory is equipped with modern tools like Compression machine, Ultrasonic pulse velocity device, rebound hammer etc. provided to assess the quality of hardened concrete. Moreover, V funnel, Blain finesse apparatus , and air entrained apparatus are some of the modern tools that are provided to assess fresh properties of concrete.

Mechanic of Material Lab

Mechanics of solid play key role to assess the response of material to both static and dynamic loads. The experiments in the Mechanics of solid lab are design to give students an idea related to how actually load induces deformations in specimen. Apparatus like Universal testing machine (Utm),Torsion apparatus, thick and thin wall cylinder are provided to help students understand the real life applications of deformations theories. In addition, different beam cross sections are available in the lab which provide deep insight to students about the shear center and shear flow in different beam cross sections.

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Design & Material Testing Manager

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Engr. Usman Ghani


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Lab Coordinator

Engr. Abdul Rehman


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