Arduino Uno is an open source hardware platform that is available for everyone to develop projects. It is being widely used by hobbyists, designers, innovators and engineers to develop projects. As the Arduino interface is simple and the programming made much simpler, it is being preferred by students who want to build projects but doesn’t really have any experience on it.

Arduino board as also extensively used in mini and final year projects of engineering students. Therefore, there is a need of introducing and developing hands on training on Arduino boards for students. Building projects will also help students in bridging gap between academia and industry and help them to develop an exciting career.

Considering the factors above CECOS IEEE organized One-day workshop on Arduino Uno on 10th April 2018 from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Guest Speakers: Engr Ali M Durrani (Lab Engineer EED), Waleed Wisal (Final Year Student EED), Abdul Majid Wakil (Final Year Student EED).

Workshop was organized under supervision of Engr. Ali Mujtaba Durrani and CECOS IEEE Team.